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June 3rd

Scouts that are helping at Cub Scout Twilight camp tomorrow night, June 4th;
Bring a sack lunch/dinner, water bottle
Bring a baseball glove.
No open toe shoes.
Wear your Class B t shirt Troop 88
Be there at 4:45.
Thanks, Mike

June 1st

We will be back to our regular meeting; Monday June 4th. Hawks have the preopening game at 6:45. We will be working on Camp Arrowhead rules, First aid requirements, Summer camp equipment lists, and finishing the patrol flags.

Thank you to the Scouts and Scouters who helped with parking cars for the Mason's and the Lone Bear fund raiser in Springfield.

Our Troop had an article in the Marshfield Mail, May 23rd edition, on the spaghetti dinner, 2 pictures were in the newspaper if you can track one down and take a look.

Lone Bear Scouts/Scouters if you are going to the Lone Bear Feast this weekend, please contact Mike today (Friday).

Mike & Mrs Miriam Jump will be teaching Citizenship in the World merit badge; this is an Eagle required merit badge, on Wednesday June 6th and 13th, from 2:00pm to 4:30pm at the UMC scout room.

Remember all 12 year & older/or second year scouts can help at the Cub Scout Twilight camp; June 4th thru June 7th. This is a good way to earn service hours and help the Cub Scouts learn and have fun at Camp. It is at the Marshfield Fair grounds and runs from 5pm to 8:15pm.

Summer camp is June 17th (we will leave about 2pm) thru June 23rd (we get back around 10am). Don't forget to get your physical done! Alll Scouts and Scouters must have an up to date physical in order to enter summercamp, no exceptions. Physical forms are on the web-site, use class 1-2 for scouts younger scouters, and class 3 for older scouters, those going on the AT should have both forms filled out.

May 21st

Regular meeting tonight. Jay has asked that the Mighty Chiefs bring something to attach to the patrol flag; a feather or something indian (chief) like. Don't forget to wear your Class A uniform to the meeting. Class B or t-shirts can be worn under for the game or physical exercise, but the Class A should be worn to the meetings.

Today will be CJ's last meeting, as he heads off to New Mexico after school's out. Good luck CJ! Send us a postcard, we will be thinking of you.

What a great hike and campout! Beautiful weather and great location. I think the scouts working on second class just about finished their requirements. We will need to do the swim test at summer-camp. We will be preparing for summer-camp the next couple of weeks. We had some issues this campout, where scouts are arriving without proper clothing or gear. It is important to pack the necessary clothes and gear to have a good camping experience, it's no fun if you are cold and wet! So, please, parents check their gear before they head out the door, especially for summer-camp. The troop guide has a detailed section on what to bring on a campout, and what to bring to summer-camp. We will be supplying more info in the coming weeks. Thanks, Mike

May 15th - Campout Prep

More info on the campout: We will meet at the UMC lot and leave at 4:30pm, Dr Kipfer's farm is south of Ozark, so it will be about an hour away. We will try to be back about 3:30pm on Saturday afternoon. We are asking that everyone that is hiking the AT bring their gear they plan to use, and carry it for 10 miles. All tenderfoot scouts will be doing a 5 miler for rank advancement. Those not attending the AT are welcome to hike 10 miles also (with their pack if they want to). All scouts will be bringing their own food. Menus have been discussed at the meeting. (should be something like; Friday dinner: Lipton quick cook noodles side (check package, some can be cooked in about 7 minutes), chicken or tuna (these are available in a foil pack, pre-cooked, no refrigeration), fruit, water (be sure to bring some water bottles!), Breakfast: instant oatmeal or instant grits, Lunch: PBJ sandwich, fruit, raisins, dried fruit, cookies, breakfast bar, peanuts, etc. Be sure to bring something to snack on while hiking. Bring sunscreen.
We should have enough backpacking stoves to boil water for you, so if you don't own one, don't worry about it, but be sure to bring your bowl & spoon! Bring your personal first aid kit, personal supply of TP, bug repellant, sunscreen, 2 water bottles (plastic 20oz are fine) or camelbak.

More info on the Mason's truck pull:
The truck pull is Saturday night, May 19th. Gates open at 5pm and starting time is 6pm. This is one of the reasons we are getting back a little earlier Saturday afternoon. This is a fundraiser for the scouts. Those who participate split the money we get from the Mason's. Parents are encouraged to help. Wear your Class B Troop 88 T-shirts. We will meet at the Fairgrounds at 4:30pm. We have orange vests in the Scout room.

Regular meeting next week, but we will not have a meeting May 28th since it is Memorial Day.

May 14th

Regular meeting per PLC plan. Scouts working on tenderfoot will finish their physical fitness today. Experienced scouts bring packs to the meeting for a prehike inspection. Patrol meeting will include review plans and equipment needs for hike/camp. Review patrol duty rosters. Scouts working on second class will do a 5 mile hike this weekend and ID plants for your requirement. Menu need to be reviewed at the patrol meeting. Chiefs need to discuss who will be cooking with them (we are cooking on backpacking stoves for Friday dinner and Sat am).

Adults have a committee meeting.

We are doing a mile run during the interpatrol activity.

Thanks, Mike

Attached is a permission slip for Friday and Sat.


April 30th, 2007

Regular meeting per PLC plan; new scouts will be putting together a personal first aid kit, and talking about low-impact camping, as well as finishing rank requirements. Eagles and Hawks will be working on packing procedures for backpacking and campsite selection. We will be running the mile again today.

A big thank you to all the Scouts and parents who helped at the Spaghetti dinner. Sounds like we had plenty of help, but could use some more patrons!

OA Scouts; we are not going on the OA Spring Encampment this weekend, contact Mr Mark or Mr Mike for more details.

Next campout is May 18-19th at Dr Kipfer's farm in Ozark. It is a beautiful site and has lots of trails to hike. We will be doing the 5 miler for second class, and a 10 miler with full gear for those going on the AT. Final head count for the AT: adults: Mike V, Jim, Dan, Brad, Mike D, Joe D, Mark B, Darrin. Scouts: Luke, Jay, Jamie, Greg, Josh C, Stuart, Shelby, Dakota, Brady, Josh M.

April 23rd, 2007

Regular meeting per PLC plan, skill instruction will include compass work, so bring a compass if you have one. Interpatrol activity will include running a mile, so dress appropriately. (we are running a mile the next 4 weeks)We will be talking about the May campout/hike on May 18-19.

Spaghetti Dinner is this Friday from 5-7pm at St Paul's Lutheran Church Hall, we will be getting a work schedule together and need adults and scouts to help before and after the dinner, so please plan on working, and sell your advance tickets. Wear your Class B T-shirts to the dinner.

Congratulations to all the scouts that participated in the Junior Leader Training District Level! Thanks to those who served on staff.

April 16th, 2007

A challenging but fun campout. Heard a lot of positive comments from the scouts about the camporee program. We split the boys into 2 patrols for the Camporee and they took 2nd and 3rd overall, out of 11 patrols in the competition. One of our patrols tied for first in the map and compass course Mr Brad and I taught. Great job guys!

Open House Monday night; please wear your full class A uniform, and look your best. Encourage your friends to drop by and visit. Mr Brad will have his posters, and I will bring some troop guides.

Please bring your dried, cleaned tents back to the scout room. We have the JLT District campout this weekend. We are meeting right after school, 3:30pm, eating pizza and leaving by 4:00pm. We will return Sunday around noon. All participants need $10 cash for food.
Instructors please work on your presentations and bring what you need to teach.

Spaghetti Dinner, April 27th, Friday night. Don't forget to sell your advance tickets! Dinner will run from 5-7pm. We need workers to come earlier, so please check with Mr Darrin, Brad and Amber Theobald to volunteer to help. Thanks, Mike

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